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My name is Floppy

I fell in love with Beast and I want to marry him.

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The cutest Puli in the world

He is Mark Zuckerberg's dog.


Our First Date Budapest, 2016
Summer 2016


My new life

I was wandering lost in Budapest when I was found in front of the offices of IT Services Hungary, an IT company.

Adoptation Budapest - 2016


My Saviors

The employees of IT Services Hungary adopted me and I became the official company dog. They decided to call me Floppy.

A Dog's life Budapest, 2016


Finally I had a new Family

I was living the happy life of a beloved IT company dog, until …

Love Budapest, 2016
Winter 2016

Falling in love

One day I saw a photo of Beast on Facebook and it was love at first sight. <3

The Proposal
February 14, 2017

The Proposal

So I decided to make a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day.

Will Beast bark 'YES'?

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IT Services Hungary supports employees with big ambitions.

The nice people who found me work at IT Services Hungary, an ICT company based in Budapest.
I have about 4300 colleagues, which means I get a lot of love and a lot of snacks.
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I'm in love...

Lovely Beast

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